Meet Reggie Flowers

The TOP Summit™ Co- Founder


Reggie Flowers has been a pillar in the Network Marketing profession for 13 years. Now retired from actively building his distributorship and exclusively focused on building Top Summit, his career has given him a deep domain expertise.

Reggie has been consistently a top producer, building a multimillion-dollar business in 7 countries on 3 continents; Sought after consultant for public and privately-held Network Marketing companies ranging from $10 to $100 million in annual sales; 4x Co-founder of his own portfolio of companies; Tech investor with notable companies that have been featured in Forbes and Business Insider; Reggie was invited to be a guest judge on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice.

Reggie is the author of an Amazon 5 star rated book The Art of the Struggle- The 5 Incontrovertible Laws for Transformation, Success, and Fulfilment. It’s an essential read if you’re serious about transforming personally and professionally into your most powerful version.



The Art of the Struggle embodies fundamental concepts of Reggie Flowers laws to overcoming life's struggles and unlocking your inner-greatness. Reggie depicts his own personal fall from success into the metaphorical "jungle of struggle" to reclaiming his life, purpose, vision, and blossoming back to success.

It is very apparent "the struggle is real." Whether you are struggling with love, health, work or business, this book will help you become triumphant. Reggie takes you on a journey through the five laws that provide a systematic strategy to turnaround anything you may be struggling with. He uses life to highlight each law's consequence.

Reggie's ability to breakdown some of the most challenging issues into 5 bite-sized nuggets of wisdom and a simple strategy to implement, impact, and influence the life you deserve, is transformational.

The 5 Laws outlined in the book are: Law of Embracement - In order for transformation to occur you must welcome it; Law of Engagement - You must be a part of your own rescue; Law of Equipping- You need the right tools for the right job; Law of Empowerment- You must fuel your progress; Law of Elevation - Growth impacts everyone around you.

The Art of the Struggle is more than a how-to book. It's a reader's universal blueprint to strategically redefine struggle and harness its power to catapult life-long transformation, achievement, and fulfillment.